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1. How long will it take for the translation to be ready?

Turnaround times, as rates, largely depend on the complexity of the text and on the file format. In any case, deadlines will be agreed upon according to requirements and I stick to them.

2. What’s the difference between proofreading and editing?

Proofreading is the process to ensure there are no spelling, grammar or syntax errors in the text, whereas editing concentrates on terminology, style, and overall consistency.

3. Why should I hire a professional, couldn’t I just use an automatic translation software and save time and money?

Well, just think of all the time and effort that you had to put into writing the copy that should help develop your business. Are you really sure you would entrust its translation to someone inexperienced, who does not know much about your field or, even worse, to a software, which cannot capture the subtleties and nuances of your target languages? Remember that you run the risk of not getting your message across, and maybe even producing embarrassing or dangerous mistakes.

I know how important your work is and I can help you convey what you say in English and Italian, in a clear and professional way.

4. What technology do you use and how can I benefit from it?

I translate using CAT (computer-aided translation management) systems, which enable consistency in terminology and style, reducing turnaround time. CAT systems segment the text and allow the creation of ‘translation memories’ thus enabling their retrieval and modified re-usage. (Please note that CAT systems are a means of optimising human linguistic effort, and are vastly different from generic automated translation engines such as Google Translate.)