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Beyond mere translation

Bringing your business to your English and Italian speaking audience’s hearts

In a world where business has become global by necessity, languages and localisation play a key role. Languages allow your business to transcend borders, communicate ideas, strengthen relationships, and seal deals. This is why you need experienced professionals well-versed in your field who are native language speakers!

I am Elina Ilaria Nocera, a passionate and highly experienced bilingual language professional. I provide a trusted and reliable service to translate and localise your copy from English into Italian or from Italian into English.

Writing your marketing and promotional copy probably took a lot of time, effort, and money; so, when going international, it is important not only that it gets translated impeccably, but also localised so that it can reach your target markets as if it were created specifically for them.


I translate and localise your copy into English and Italian. High quality translations of websites, brochures, catalogues, user guides, culture guides, and much more (see the services page for more details). My aim is to provide you with the best possible service; this is why I will not make promises I cannot keep and I only translate into my mother tongues.
With great care and attention to ensure that your message gets across clearly and effectively in the target language; implementing processes that ensure high quality translations and – where appropriate – using computer aided translation management systems that ensure consistency.
  • Because I offer value-added language services
  • I have extensive experience in marketing and editorial translations
  • I am passionate and dedicated
  • I value consumer satisfaction and wish to build a trustworthy relationship and close collaboration
  • I am flexible and implement streamlined and efficient procedures
  • I ensure a prompt response to clear any doubts and answer all your questions
  • I offer up-to-date services with the latest developments
  • I aim at being a reliable point of reference for all your language needs
  • Because I love what I do and because I’m the bee’s knees
Some of you may be wondering what the joints of these hard working little creatures have to do with translations. No, it’s not a funny way to pronounce the word ‘business’, though it very well could be. ‘Bee’s Knees’ is an old expression that means ‘of the highest quality’, just like my translations. Bees carry pollen in small sacs on their legs, and this is most likely where the saying stems from. It became particularly popular during the 1920s, when it was fashionable to associate excellence with a part of an animal’s body: ‘the cat’s whiskers’ is another expression of this sort, which you can still hear today.

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